Theta-e maps

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Theta-e maps

Post by Tropelio » 26 Oct 2012 15:48

Good afternoon,

I have noticed that zygrib includes equivalent potential temperature at different levels in the atmosphere among the data. However, it is not possible (if I am not mistaken) to plot a map of this variable. A map of Thete-e at low levels of the atmosphere (850 hPa) is a very useful tool to localize fronts because Theta-e will show a deep horizontal gradient across fronts. Those plots at higher levels will help to identify different air masses and the existence of horizontal advection. So I think it would be very interesting to have the possibility of ploting maps of Theta-e at different levels.

Thanks a lot for your work. Sincerely,

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Re: Theta-e maps

Post by jza » 27 Oct 2012 07:55

Very good suggestion !
it will be done soon... more or less ;)

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Re: Theta-e maps

Post by weeramateur » 29 Oct 2012 11:09

very nice. I'm looking forward

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