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Personnal code generator
A code can be generated at any time, using
your login and password on zyGrib's forum.
Validity of the code: 2 months.


This service is intended to those who have difficulties to retrieve grib files directly from zyGrib because of limited internet connection.

This service is available only to subscribers of the zyGrib's forum.
It is completely free of charge.


Limitations were put in place to limit abuses so that the server remains available to the largest number of users:


There are 2 methods to retreive grib files, both requiring a personal code generated here.
  1. Request by email: send an email describing the characteristics of the grib file, and the grib file will be sent as an attachment to an email response (see email syntax below). click here.
  2. Request by internet:
You need a personal code generated on this page for both methods.

Request grib file by internet

The grib file will be sent to the address mail given in your forum account.

Login   your login on zyGrib's forum
Code   the code generated here (it is NOT your password)
Latitudes °     to     °
Longitudes °     to     °
Resolution °
File compression
Meteo model
Waves model
WIND wind at 10m
GUST wind gust
PRESS MSL pressure
CAPE CAPE (convective available potential energy)
TEMP temperature at 2m
TMIN temperature min at 2m
TMAX temperature max at 2m
PRECIP precipitation
CLOUD cloud cover
HREL relative humidity
ISOTH0 isotherm 0°C
SNOWD snow depth
SNOWC snow risk
FRZRAIN frozen rain risk
A200 data in altitude (200hPa ≈ 11800m)
geopotential altitude, wind, temperature, theta-e, relative humidity
A300 data in altitude (300hPa ≈ 9200m)
A500 data in altitude (500hPa ≈ 5600m)
A700 data in altitude (700hPa ≈ 3000m)
A850 data in altitude (850hPa ≈ 1460m)
A925 data in altitude (925hPa ≈ 760m)
WVSIG significant waves height
WVMAX maximum waves
WVSWEL swell
WVWIND wind waves
WVWCAP whitecap probability
WVPRIM primary waves
WVSCDY secondary waves

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